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  Gizmine - Seahope LED Yamanote
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Seahope LED Yamanote
Tokyo's iconic Yamanote subway line carries an estimated daily ridership of 3-5 million passengers over 29 stations. To put that in perspective, the entire New York City subway system has an estimated daily ridership of 4.8 million for more than 450 stations. The Yamanote runs often and runs crowded.

Those who have visited or lived in Tokyo would, therefore, have instantly recognized this watch as a precise replica of the Yamanote train platform sign. Each station plays a different melody as the doors are closing, and the train is preparing to depart. Naturally, the messaging on each sign varies by station as well.

This is a heavy duty, high quality watch. Also, note that the Shinjuku station watch represents the world's busiest train station, with a 3.6 million daily users.
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Yamanote-14/BK - Seahope Watch 14 Black
In stock. Orders ship same day if ordered by 3 pm EST.
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