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  Gizmine - Kalmans Onomatopoeia
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Kalmans Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia: The term used to describe words whose pronunciations suggest their meaning (eg, meow, buzz).

Here symbols suggest the sound of the numbers:

    * 3 = tree (three)
    * 5 = hand (5 fingers)
    * 9 = cat (9 lives)
    * 12 = Eggs (dozen/12)

This watch is characteristic of Tibor Kalman, and his iconoclastic design firm. Clean graphics and dry humor merge in a high-quality product that beckons a second look!

Each hand-crafted timepiece is made of black electroplated aluminum ensuring a finish that stays looking new and comes with a genuine topstitched black leather band lined with a taupe glove leather finish and a matching black buckle.

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[Onom-7405] Tibor Kalmans Onomatopoeia

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