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  Gizmine - Rice Cracker iPhone case
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Rice Cracker iPhone case
Leave it to the Japanese to release the world's first edible iPhone case made from a rice cracker. Ignoring the glaringly obvious fact that rice crackers are not typically known for their durability, the 'Survival case' can either be eaten or used as a starter for a roaring fire (after the iPhone is removed, of course) if the need arises. Customers are warned that the Survival Senbei case is incredibly fragile and should be handled with the utmost care. So users know what they’re getting into, the site outlines the likelihood of the case breaking in various situations:

・Before arrival: 9%
・Affixing to iPhone 5: 76%
・Using touch screen: 18%
・Touched by friend: 81%
・Turning up the volume: 50%
・Connecting to PC: 54%
・When the user is upset or annoyed: 65%
・Putting in pocket: 89%
・When dropped: 120%

If you can manage to keep the case together, however, Mariko guarantees the probability of the Survival Senbei case tasting absolutely delicious is 100%.
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Rice Cracker iPhone case
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