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  Gizmine - Electric Candle HONO
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Electric Candle HONO
The Hono electric candle from Metaphys is just a brilliant interior design item. The simulated flame (LED light in fact) sways as airflow wafts over it. Capturing this essential element of a candlelight gives the Hono an intimate an pleasing quality.

The Hono, which runs 48 hours on a single charge, is turned on by scratching it with the included "matchstick" in the same way that you would like a match (but gentler). fan, it is turned off by "blowing it out". It includes both a stand for standalone use, or a wall mounting. It is particularly interesting to see the candle effect so close to a wall -- something which one doesn't often see for reasons which must be obvious.

This is a quintessential Japanese product that incorporates advanced technology in a seamless and functional way, with a lot of emphasis on good design and simplicity. One of our favorite products.

Specifications: W16 x H270 x D16mm, 65g, white
Power: 100v, charge time 15 hours, runtime eight hours.

Note: this product ships direct from Japan and is intended for the Japanese market. Instruction manuals are in Japanese. However, operation is simple and straightforward and we are available to answer any questions.
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Electric Candle HONO
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